Higher Education Resources Online (HERO) has been evolving in content and format while going through moderations, variations and revisions before its online introduction here at ILFacultyResources.org

During the preparation of this site, many volunteer advocates in the Early Childhood Education field have worked diligently with the Illinois Governor’s Policy Department to expand the delivery of services (specifically multi-lingual programs) not only to K-12, but to pre-kindergarten children as well.

The new 2014 law requires a) staff that can provide services for dual language learners that have ESL/Bilingual endorsement on their teaching license b) programs provide services based on cultural and linguistic needs of the children and c) assessment and instruction support the development of English and the home language.

This new law was the beginning of how - and why - the HERO project got its start, gained its support, and is now rapidly moving forward.

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